BASE THE LABEL / Classically Simple

Philosophy /
BASE strives to use fashion to make any woman feel sexy, confident and classy in her own individual way. Their timeless designs are the perfect foundation pieces onto which women may build their own distinct style. Each piece is designed to be worn in multiple ways and is ready to be taken from day to night. BASE truly believes that there is beauty in simplicity.

Mood /
Bold, clear, crisp, cool.

My two cents / 
I was commissioned (as in, they smiled at me and bought me lunch) this brand identity by the co-founders of BASE. At the moment I am in the final stages of creating their brand guidelines. The concept behind the logo was super simple, using the A in BASE as a letterform similar to that of a triangle / coat hanger. There are three co-founders of BASE which coincides with the 3 angles within the letterform. If you want to check them out on Insta: @basethelabelclothing
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